Hollenbeck House in Cortez, Colorado


After 10 years here on our land, we are finally building our house. We had previously built a workshop from straw bales, but due to many considerations, decided to use a different sustainable technology for our house. We chose SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) with a crawlspace below the floor. The stemwall was formed using ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) which are left in place and provide 2 inches of foam insulation on both the outside and inside.

Here is a link to the floorplan in PDF format. Sorry it is rotated, but that was the only way I could export it from AutoCAD to a PDF that everyone could open.

Here is a link to the floorplan in full AutoCAD LT DWG format for those of you who can use that. Much easier to manipulate than a PDF file.

The construction has been done by Pleasantview Carpentry, with whom we are very pleased. Contact us if you would like to contact them.

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October 14: This web page was getting so long, I separated it into several other pages. Each of those groups are the same as what was originally all here on one page. As I add more pictures, I will add more groups so that this page loads faster, and if you have seen a section already, it will be easier to bypass it.

Foundation, walls and roof.
Interior walls, roof metal and stucco
Interior Finishing, back porch.
Flooring, countertops, interior trim.
Finishing steps to the interior and exterior and MOVING IN!!!!!!!


Last Modified December 9, 2009