Interior Walls, Roof Metal & Stucco


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Interior walls up.
Phyllis peeking through stud walls. Soon, we will never be able to look through the walls at all.
Main exterior door, opens into living room and kitchen.
Private exterior door, opens into laundry room.
Roof metal is about 2/3 complete. The opposite side is done, but cannot be seen from this angle. Should only take one more day to complete.
Roof is 90% complete, still remaining to add the ridge metal. About 10 minutes after this picture was taken, we had a thunderstorm roll through with lots of thunder, no near lightning, and a bit of rain, not enough to even wet the bottom of the rain gauge.
The roof metal is now complete and the carpenters will be gone for a while. The next few weeks will be "invisible" work by plumber and electrician. Will probably not update this web page for about a month, at which time the drywall and aspen tongue and groove paneling on the walls will be going in.
This is a view from the road. You can see the house, the workshop and the mobile we are currently living in. Our orchard of 28 fruit trees is in the foreground (apricots, plums, cherries, apples, pears and white peaches). The cages around the trees are to prevent them from being eaten by the deer. In the background (upper left corner) is Gifford Knoll, which is the tip of the feather of Sleeping Ute Mountain.
Today, June 16, we have three trades on site, stucco, electrical and plumbing. Phyllis is standing to the left in the straw hat supervising.
Here the stucco paper and wire are partially complete.
Paper and wire all complete. Electrical and plumbing rough-in are in progress.
Looking up from the orchard at the completed stucco lath.
From across the road, completed stucco lath.

Stucco brown coat is completed.

Electrical rough-in inspection has been passed.

Plumbing rough-in continues.

Stucco color coat is completed. The final color is a bit more pink than we anticipated, but we will live with it. An 8" x 8" sample of a color is never sufficient to accurately show what the final stucco will look like.

Plumbing rough-in inspection has been passed.

Dry-wall installation should begin about July 13th, followed by interior paint the next week.


Last Modified October 14, 2009