Flooring, Countertops & Interior Trim


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Here lies 950 Sq. Ft. of cherry hardwood flooring. Just up the road from us is the largest hardwood flooring mill in a six states area. They sell small odd lots to locals at retail. We got this American Cherry for $2.70 per square foot. It is now sitting acclimating to the house and will be installed beginning September 28. The living room, hall, meditation room, office and bedroom will be cherry hardwood. The kitchen, laundry and bathroom will be high end vinyl that looks like wide plank hardwood floors.
Vinyl floors are installed in kitchen, laundry room and bathroom.
Cherry hardwood floor installation. Hardwood is in living room, meditation room, office, hall and bedroom
Platform to hold farmhouse sink under the solid surface countertop. There will be two platfoms like this one. Only the bottom has the 5 T nuts. The bolts in the T nuts allow the sink to be adjusted up and down and for level. A bead of silicone sealant was put on the lip of the sink, the solid surfacing countertop was installed over it. Then the bolts were adjusted, bringing the lip of the sink up to exactly the bottom of the solid surfacing.
Sink in place before installing solid surfacing.
Dion and Richard (countertop installer) discussing how we were going to attach the two pieces of maple butcher block counter top to one another. The 45 degree ends are held together with 3 cinch systems. There is a cross bolt, a captive cage and a threaded ball that allowed us to cinch the countertops together without any glue. There are 3 biscuits in between the two halves to ensure vertical alignment during cinching.
The corner countertops fully installed.
The solid surfacing fully installed
The peninsula maple butcher block countertop fully installed.
View of kitchen from on high in the living room.
View of the living room with all aspen wall wood and cherry flooring installed.


Last Modified October 14, 2009