Dion Hollenbeck's RIMS Info Page

Information on the status of my book on RIMS construction.

You can send me Email about my RIMS pictures at hollen@woodsprite.com

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Pictures of my current RIMS system and brewery. This page is very simplistic, but is all I had time to throw together. The intent is to show the latest incarnation of my RIMS system as well as my brewery. My brewery is a dedicated brewery room of approximately 100 square feet, with 4"x36" floor drain, 800CFM exhaust fan, piped in 15psi LPG, large laundry sink with plenty of extra connections for hoses.

This page is text only and you only get graphics of what you click on, so it's low bandwidth friendly.

New as of Mar 15, 2003.

Pictures of my previous RIMS system. This page is a set of 22 thumbnail pictures, each of which is from 10k to 21k. Following this link will download all of them for a total of about 3.7mb. Once you are there you can click on the individual thumbmails and get larger pictures (each of which is from 30k to 75k). New as of Jan 16, 1997.

Pictures of my oldest RIMS system.