RIMS Book Status

Regarding the status of my book on RIMS construction. As of March 1997, I have abandoned the project. I have been informed by experts in the field of electrical engineering that the Morris temperature controller circuit is quirky and unreliable at best, but CAN be gotten to work. They have informed me that the large portion of my book which deals with temperature controller design and construction is ancient history. The other large portion of my book would have been on construction details which are pretty much common to any 3 tier gravity system. That leaves some of a book to be written, but not nearly enough to make it worth doing. I am still more than willing to participate in discussions of RIMS systems and share any knowledge I may have. Many people ask me "Tell me what you can about RIMS system building." Well, to do that, I would have to write a book! B-} What I say to this request is to read the article by Rodney Morris in the 1992 Zymurgy Special Issue on Gadgets and then ask me *specific* questions. I am more than happy to answer specific questions about RIMS construction. I would like to thank all of you have contributed to my knowledge of RIMS both by sharing your knowledge, and by asking my questions that forced me to find out more. Also thanks to all the people who have been encouraging enough to say that they were looking forward to the publishing of my book. I am sorry that this will not come to pass now.