Dion's Latest RIMS System and Brewery Pictures

Latest RIMS System and exhaust system

Converting over from old wooden stand to new stainless steel stand

Stand partially built, just checking heights to make sure that all is right.

High pressure (15psi) LPG connection visible with valve on brass pipe.

Stand assembled except for burners

Gas manifold for burners

Close up of gas valve and jet

Gas manifold is attached with U-Bolts and wing nuts

Hot liquor tank burner on manifold. Burner for kettle is the same. Mash tun burner is lower BTU and at least twice as many flame holes.

Good view of termperature controller cabinet and dual 6500 watt heater elements chamber. Heater chamber is attached to SS stand with bungies and velcro.

Close up of valves which select source for pump from either mash tun or hot liquor tank. During sparge I pump hot liquor up to mash tun and gravity drain.

Mashtun with Sabco false bottom and my design wort return manifold. Tube fittings are Swage-Lok with custom bent 1/2" SS tube drain.

Dual drains on mash tun. One goes to the kettle for gravity drain, the other to pump for recirculation. Also a good shot of the floor drain.

Kettle with Advanced Brewing Systems false bottom, 1/2" SS tubing and Swage-Lok fittings.

The J shaped copper wetting wand is squeezed off at the end to form a fan of water. I pour my grain into this fan of water at mash-in.

Wort return inlet into the mash tun with valve that can be used to throttle pump speed

Wort return manifold in action during mash. It is just visible above the hose, under about 1" of wort.

Controller temperature probe, and plastic cover over the live 110V heater element connections.

Counterflow chilling wort into corny keg used as fermenter. Real good view of high pressure gas line.

Latest incarnation of the "exhaust hood" on the 800 CFM exhaust fan.

Controller cabinet with PID controller handling two right heater outlets and left hand fan controller controlling pump outlet. Both heater outlets have their own cutout switch and Neon lamp to indicate live outlet.

Controller cabinet during an actual mash. Three red lights indicate both heaters and the pump are all going.

Controller cabinet internal view.

Solid State relays and 25 amp slo-blo fuses, one for each heater. Heaters draw about 14 amps each, one to a fuse. Bus bars in cabinet are Neutral bars that go in electrical breaker cabinets. They are screw onto a backer piece of 3/8" polycarbonate sheet that is non-conductive.

Inside view of controller cabinet front door, housing Omega PID controller, fan motor speed controller, switches, fuses and outlets. Also connection for thermocouple.

Stainless steel food prep table I got used for $150, stir plate, used for $18, growing up yeast. Keg storage is below table.

Keg storage beneath table

Different view of table with brewing equipment storage up above

My window view while brewing, also shows wire shelving for storage

Another view of wire shelving, some fermenters and my beer/hop fridge.

Ample laundry sink with wet storage behind it and a dedicated hot water tap for a bottle washer. Down next to the sink cabinet are hot and cold hose bibs as well.

Drying rack/storage area above sink

More drying rack storage above doorway.

View from the workshop standing next to the kegerator looking into the brewery.

View from brewery back into workshop and kegerator. In the distance is my counter pressure filler stand.