Dion Hollenbeck's Home Page

Please note that my info on brewing has moved to a website graciously donated by the Homebrew Digest. Please change any bookmarks you may have after clicking here to get to the HBD website.

We have purchased land in Cortez, Co. and moved there in May of 1999. Between March and December of 2000, we built a 1200 sq. ft. workshop with straw bales.

My wife is a weaver .

Here is a picture of me sailing on my International 110 sailboat on San Diego Bay. This was taken in 1998 just before I passed Querida Mia (formerly known as "Honeybear" by original builder Malthaner) on to the California Balboa Island Explorer Post (Sea Scouts). They use Querida Mia as a training boat. Because it is so low in the water, it seems to be going very fast! B-} Querida Mia has a rig which allows the spinnaker to be set from a "turtle" on the bow, allowing the tillerman to do the entire job of setting/lowering the spinnaker, with the exception of the deckman who must set/unhitch the spinnaker pole.

I have been in contact with a 110 fleet of 56 in Inverness. CA. Contact me if you want to get connected up with them.

You can send me Email at hollen@woodsprite.com, an address which will remain constant, even when we move to Colorado as it is our domain name.