Aerial Photos of Our Land

There are only three pictures that I am currently putting up on the website, one in Black & White and two in color. There are many more, but they will not show anyone any more than the detail in these. In the color image thumbnail at the bottom, it is hard to see that I have outlined the property lines, but they are quite visible in the large image.

Click on the small images to see the larger ones.

This is McElmo Canyon, with McElmo creek running down the center of it. The picture is looking up canyon to the east from several miles down canyon from our property. The mesa on the horizon is Mesa Verde National Park and the knoll in the center of the picture with the yellow label on it is Gifford's Knoll. Our property is the face of Gifford's Knoll, between the knoll and County Road G.

Black and White
Size of the large image is 87k.

Here are pictures of just our land in Black and White and Color.

Black and White
Size of the large image is 618k.

Black and White
Size of the large image is 668k.

I have a 1 foot contour map drawn up of the meadow area which I will be putting up soon. I have to do some work on it in Autocad before I do it though. The trees are only marked with crosses and I need to mark them with circles representing sizes. And I also need to get some fonts with which the drawing was created.